Encourage nutritional balance

Our conviction
Having a healthy and varied diet is the basis of nutritional balance. Everyone knows that it is recommended to limit your consumption of sugars or fats for your health. A real challenge for a House renowned for the delicacy of its products. And yet! Nutritional balance is at the heart of our product developments. PAUL was among the first 10 French companies to commit to the PNNS (National Nutrition & Health Program). Without altering the taste quality of its products, PAUL has integrated the recommendations in terms of nutrition and allows its customers to identify those which have particular nutritional qualities, in complete transparency.

Our initiatives
• Reducing the fat content of sandwiches
• Favoring rapeseed, walnut and olive oils
• Reducing the salt content of bread
• Promoting fruit and vegetable consumption
• Ensuring the transparency of nutritional information
• Highlight products with special nutritional benefits (wholemeal bread , fruit salads, etc.)
• Offer vegetarian and vegan products