Limit the use of additives

Our conviction
The elimination of additives is a growing concern for society, which is looking for the most “natural” products possible. PAUL takes this expectation into account by rigorously defining the risk-free additives that can be used, and by reformulating its products in such a way as to reduce the use of additives as accurately as possible. This development takes place in compliance with the taste and health qualities of the products.

Our initiatives
• Eliminate artificial colors
• Do not use synthetic sweeteners
• Do not use artificial flavor enhancers
• Eliminate controversial additives
• Refuse the use of controversial technologies (GMOs, ionization, animal cloning)
• Eliminate acids trans fats from partial hydrogenation processes of the fat

Our ambition
• Completely eliminate the use of artificial colors in our raw materials by 2022
• Complete the elimination of critical additives in all our raw materials by 2024